Happy Doctors Day

A big day to show our gratitude towards the people who dedicated their entire life for the living beings on this earth.

Doctor, the name gives us new hope towards life.

The gratitude of helping people who are sick, bringing new life to this world, respect for being trusted can be done only and only by Doctors.

Doctors – people who are considered next to GOD. An ailing person looks upon the doctor’s face with the hope of getting cured.

An excited father waiting outside the labor room for the new edition of his life and can’t stop thanking the doctor who handed over the bundle of joy of his life to him.

Doctors not only cure disease but also great motivators and teachers who teach us how to live a happy and healthy life.

Medicines can’t cure a patient completely unless the doctor’s care and faith involved in it. They are the flag bearer of hope in one’s life.

Doctors are very special like our soldiers. Both guard us against our enemies and protect us.

During this pandemic time, doctors faced violent behavior from some COVID patients, and then too, doctors were treating them with full involvement.

When we all were sitting at home and spending quality time with our families during the lockdown, these doctors were and still fighting towards the deadly Corona Virus.

This day is important for everybody to know the roles and responsibilities of a doctor and to understand and feel the sacrifices they are doing for us.

I salute all the Doctors in the world for their tireless service towards mankind.

Thank you Doctors

By: Lakshmi Ganapathy

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